About Us. Who We Are.

We are the Shirk Brothers. Randall, Ron, and Dean. And together, we proudly own and operate Shirk Brothers Roofing. We got our start in home improvement projects early on as kids growing up on the family farm. Our father owned a construction company and taught us a variety of skills needed for nearly every project around the farm. Along the way, we learned the value of hard work and gained a love for construction.

The Family Business

After we each spent some years in the roofing trade, we decided it was time to bring our 24 years of combined experience and our love for business together in starting Shirk Brothers Roofing. As brothers, we still enjoy working together, doing what we’ve always done best– roofing and home improvements.

Missions-Minded Men

Our love for what we do goes beyond just the jobs we contract for business. Whenever possible, we look for opportunities to take our skills to people and places in need both in the U.S. and around the world. Between the three of us, we have helped build and repair homes with PA Mission Builders and YWAM in Mexico, Brazil, Jamaica, Guyana, and Hawaii. We desire to continue building time into our business schedule each year so that we can volunteer our services for missions and disaster relief projects on a regular basis.