Roofing. What you need to know.

Signs that Your Roof Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

The life of a roof can range anywhere from 15-50 years depending on what materials were installed on your roof. But replacement may become necessary when you spot missing or damaged shingles, roof rot, leaks into the attic space, water spots on interior ceilings or walls, or increased energy costs. Should you need to replace or repair your roof, Shirk Brothers Roofing will provide you with an estimate and advise you on the best method to ensure a long-lasting solution for your home or business.  |  Get an Estimate

Choosing a Roof


Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing choice for homeowners. It is the best option when considering quality for cost because they are an inexpensive material and relatively easy to install. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to customize your roof to the architectural look of your home and enhance its overall appearance. We install GAF asphalt shingles which offers a lifetime warranty and allows you to choose from a wide range of beautifully stylish and durable shingles to complement your home.


A cedar roof is a more stylized option if you are looking to add beauty and value to your home. Cedar is naturally versatile for various climates which makes it a perfect choice for both durability and design.

We purchase and install cedar materials with a Certi-Label approved by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. These materials have been tested and approved for fire, wind and impact resistance.


Rubber roofing is often the best solution for low-sloped or flat roofs. It requires very little maintenance and can last upwards of 30-40 years.

For superior strength lifecycle, we install Mule-Hide rubber roofing products. These roofing materials can handle extreme temperatures and weather conditions and are highly energy efficient.


For the most durable and maintenance-free roof, you will want to consider metal. The initial installation is more costly, but the long-term benefits and savings more than compensate for the additional money spent. A properly-installed metal roof will withstand all types of inclement weather, including high winds, snow, rain, and hail. Metal roofing does not warp or split and is resistant to mildew and rot.

We install standing seam metal roofing. Panels are available in various styles and colors to achieve a wide range of architectural designs and preferences.

Our Process

Shirk Brothers is primarily concerned with delivering quality workmanship so that the life of your roof is extended. We begin our work by applying an underlayment for breathability and to allow the shingles to lay better. We also install an ice and water shield to provide weatherproofing around the edges and at any point of penetration. If there are any ventilation problems for your roof, we will correct those before installing the new materials. Proper ventilation is necessary to remove trapped moisture and heat in the attic which eventually leads to damaged materials and components on your roof.

The care for your home and property is just as important to us as the details of your roof, which is why we are proud to offer the New Roof with No Mess system. We are one of the few roofing contractors that uses the Equipter Roofers Buggy. This revolutionary new equipment allows us to remove the debris of old roofing without damaging your landscaping or home in the process. The Equipter enables us to be more efficient so that we can focus on completing your roof and not waste time on debris removal.